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Our Quality


Fahad Cables Industry designs, manufactures, and markets fiber, LAN, power, and special cable assemblies in full compliance with national and international laws, standards, and specifications to meet our customers’ needs. It delivers its commitment through the implementation and maintenance of its Quality Management System, which complies with all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, as well as any legal, corporate, customer, or other obligations. This is evidenced by documented procedures, objectives, and results, and is maintained by a system of Internal Audits, periodic Management Reviews, and independent audits by recognized bodies.
Our quality objectives will normally be set as a result of the Management Review or actions arising from this policy and will be communicated and educate to every individual concerned as per the corresponding documented procedure. These objectives will be communicated through the management structure. Specific quality objectives can also be assigned through results of internal audits, changes in applicable legislation or customer / interested party requirements, or as part of the ongoing continual improvement program. All quality objectives are documented and reviewed.


Fahad Cables Industry is also committed to preserve the environment and to care for its employees’ safety and well-being. Accordingly, it follows the principles of Environmental and Health and Safety Systems.

Fahad Cables Industry management is committed and responsible to provide adequate and appropriate resources to implement this policy.